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These days, a lawyer answering service has become an essential commodity in every law firm or office. Are you a lawyer, attorney or a law firm on the lookout for a professional and efficient lawyer answering service to ease your workload? If that is so, you have come to the right place! 

Here is a top list of lawyers answering services companies for attorneys and law firms. 

Keep reading to learn about these highly reputed lawyer answering service providers in detail.

Answering Service Care

Answering Service Care has been at the front of the answering service landscape since 1974. They boast the experience, longevity, and technology attorneys, lawyers, and law firms of all sizes have come to rely on.

Read on to learn why you should engage the professional services of Answering Service Care if you want a top-quality lawyer answering service. 

Why Answering Service Care?

The following are the reasons you should consider hiring Answering Service Care for your Lawyer Answering Service needs. 

Utmost Accuracy

Their highly-skilled law answering service professionals take recorded messages and incoming calls and with astounding accuracy and stick to your particular instructions precisely. They can screen and transfer callers, respond to general queries regarding your law practice, and put a paramount focus on an emergency or time-sensitive situations.

Experts in Providing Phone Answering Services

Ample experience, time and technology enable Answering Service Care to be experts who can efficiently support your legal correspondence. Their team can become a seamless extension of your law office and manage your phone communications round the clock, 365 days per annum. 

With Answering Service Care’s assistance, there is no need for your callers to be annoyed by busy signals, answering machines, or ineffective automated systems. Your clients and other callers will have access to you throughout the day, night and on holidays or weekends as well. This places no extra burden on the in-house staff in your law firm or office. 

100 Percent Confidentiality

Answering Service Care’s professionals never compromise on confidentiality. 

This answering service company provides quality control assurance through comprehensive training. In this way, each phone answering service professional comprehends the client-lawyer/attorney confidentiality directive. All of their legal answering service professionals live in the U.S. and are proficient in the English language, which eliminates any potential communication gaps. Your clients need not worry if they do not speak English as Answering Service Care provides bi-lingual telephone answering service personnel as well.

What are Answering Service Care Services?

Answering Service Care’s lawyer answering services include: 

  • Answering incoming  phone calls
  • Access to a professional team of skilled answering service personnel
  • Round the clock coverage, including  nights, after-hours, holidays and weekends
  • Live interaction on the telephone phone with current clients and prospects 
  • Transferring and screening of phone calls based on your particular instructions
  • Answering general queries regarding  your legal practice and law firm 
  • Efficient and swift routing of  messages, paying extra attention to emergency and time-sensitive situations is undoubtedly one of the best lawyers answering service for attorneys and law firms. They effectively cater to extremely busy law professionals who face the hassle of having to take calls from clients throughout the working day. Their answering services include live chat, phone services, and a virtual live receptionist. 

If you are a lawyer, these answering services will efficiently engage with clients on your behalf, which reduces your workload. This call answering service is particularly popular for its live receptionists. 

Smith’s Live Receptionist Services

Live Receptionists

Live, affable, and professional receptionists answer all calls on your behalf with a smile and make sure that your clients are thoroughly satisfied with the service. 

Summary of Emails on a Daily Basis

You will receive an email daily at 6.30 pm (Pacific Time) that summarizes every call you received on that particular working day.

Referral to Other Lawyer Services

Smith’s receptionists can make sure “poor quality leads” do not go to waste entirely by referring them to some other law firm.  You can then earn a referral fee from this law firm. 

Appointment Scheduling

Smith’s live receptionists are more than capable of booking appointments for your clients and yourself on your own work calendar. Furthermore, prior to scheduling consultations, they can also prequalify leads.

Call Disposition

The Live Receptionists tag all calls received with urgency and type. This metadata is forwarded to you to in the summaries of the calls. 

Tailored Greetings

Using a customized greeting specified by you, Smith’s virtual receptionists will greet all your clients.

Complete Familiarity with Your Business’s live receptionists will answer all client queries pertaining to payment methods, lawyer services provided, appointment scheduling, and more! 

Summary of Calls

You can get a brief message of each of your client calls sent to you immediately through an email or to your phone through SMS.

Outbound Calls

Live Receptionists can efficiently make all outbound calls on a recurring or one-time basis. They can call all leads who fill out the form on your website and follow up with them.  

Appointment Reminders

The receptionists will duly call all clients who have upcoming appointments with you to remind them of their appointment. This practice goes a long way to reduce cancellations and no-shows.

Lead Data Gathering

Based on the custom criteria you have set (such as your service needs), receptionists can capture and qualify your leads. 


No Setup or Cancellation Fees

When engaging the services of as a lawyer answering service, there is no setup fee involved. Joining is pretty fast and easy. Furthermore, you are allowed to cancel anytime without paying any cancellation or penalty fee. 

Pricing per Each Call (not per minute)

The good thing about Smith is that it does not employ a pricing per minute structure that leads to high bills and hurried calls. Instead, you pay per call, which is a far more economical option.  

Additional Details you Ought to Know about

Free of Cost Spam Blocking blocks sales, wrong number, and spam calls free of cost (you will not be charged for this service), in addition to any particular numbers you want to block.

Rotating receptionists

In accordance with the preferences and criteria you send to prior to enrolling in their answering service, a rotating bunch of receptionists will take care of your calls. In other words, there are no set receptionists, allowing more capacity to take care of your higher client call volume. These receptionists make use of proprietary Artificial Intelligence software to naturally take care of calls by following the prompts on their respective computer screens.

Integration seamlessly integrates with more than 20 legal CMS and frameworks, including PracticePanther Lexicata, Clio, and many more. Furthermore, Smith is fully compatible with several scheduling and calendar applications like Calendly, Google Calendar, Schedulista, etc. This enables you to create a more holistic view and follow the data of your law firm in the preferred framework. 


LexReception is one of the most prominent lawyers answering service companies these days. 

With its round the clock availability, LexReception is an ideal fit for lawyers or attorneys who want to make certain that their clients do not get sent to voicemail. Clients tend to become displeased when their call is not answered, and they are sent to voicemail. Furthermore, LexReception is also perfectly suited for law firms of all sizes owing to this answering service’s option to customize packages and its scalability. 

Why is LexReception Great as a Lawyer Answering Service?

Professional and Empathetic

There is no denying that a lot of dedication and work goes into building a reputable law firm. The first impression LexReceptionist’s virtual receptionists make reflects on you and your legal department. They treat each caller with the same respect and courtesy that one expects from an in-office worker. 

Furthermore, LexReceptionist is fully aware that an answering service needs to balance professionalism with empathy. That the clients are not always calling a lawyer’s office under the most favorable of circumstances. Hence, virtual receptionists are able to engage with the client on a very personalized level, keeping control of the phone call, and maintaining the law firm’s high standards. 

Round the Clock Availability

LexReception’s services are available round the clock (24/7). When you engage their services, someone will always be there to attend to the clients, whether it is during the holidays or in the middle of the night! Your telephones will be manned 24/7 for each client. Moreover, you have the benefit of getting this constant availability without paying any extra cost as LexReception charges by usage.

100 Percent Confidential

LexReception’s top priority is to maintain the trust of your legal clients. All of their virtual receptionists are very well-versed in the essentials of legal call handling and have specialized training in using terminology associated with the legal industry.

Scheduling of Appointments

LexReception has its very own customized scheduling software that gives them an edge over other services. This software has been built from scratch to cater to the scheduling requirements of your legal clients.

What Services Can LexReception Provide for You or Your Law Firm?

LexReception is known for providing quality chat and virtual receptionist services. These are some of the many services they offer:

  • Screening Client Calls
  • Transferring Calls
  • Available Round the clock
  • Relaying Messages ( from client to lawyer and vice versa) 
  • Text Reminders to clients to reduce no shows
  • Email Messaging
  • Taking Appointments
  • Live Intake from clients (asking queries and gathering information)  

Answering Legal

Answering Legal deserves a place in the top list of Layer Answering Services for attorneys.

How can Answering Legal Attorney Service Benefit Your Law Firm?

Specialized Service

If you are an attorney, there are several reasons you should engage the services of Answering Legal as an answering service for yourself or your law firm.

Answering Legal agents who take your calls are skilled professionals. 

Unlike run of the mill answering services, these agents or virtual receptionists have sound experience and familiarity with common legal terminology. Answering Legal’s virtual receptionists are effectively able to categorize calls from your clients according to the type of case. Moreover, these receptionists can efficiently answer client queries with professionalism and confidence, providing all kinds of information regarding your law practice. The receptionists are also bilingual, which allows you to broaden your reach and engage with a diverse range of clients.

Call Prioritization and Filtering

Trying to prioritize and process telephone calls can take you and your legal team away from crucial casework. Answering Legal’s services can filter your telephone calls on a priority basis. In this way, you can address urgent and most important calls first and take other telephone calls at a time that suits you. This service makes sure that you are only disturbed when it is genuinely very important and that you can otherwise put your focus on the work you have on your plate.

Fully Customizable 

You might have had to engage the services of extra staff if your in-house receptionist finds it challenging to answer client calls during busy hours of the day. This means incurring a significant expense for your law firm.

Engaging Answering Legal services

24/7 Live Answering Service

You might have had to engage the services of extra staff if your in-house receptionist finds it challenging to answer client calls during busy hours of the day. This means incurring a significant expense for your law firm.

Answering Legal’s Standout Features

Answering the telephone is essential to your law firm’s survival and profitability. However, what about the time when you are not in your office and unable to answer your telephone when it rings? This where Answering Legal’s 24/7 (round the clock) live answering service comes into play and provides you with peace of mind and unparalleled freedom. 

When you are preoccupied, asleep, or out with family or friends, you can simply let the phone call rollover to the skilled virtual receptionists at Answering Legal. All of the relevant information will be sent to you immediately so that you can call your client back whenever you are free to reach out to them. 

Message Taking

Answering Legal is fully aware that your messages are of paramount importance. That’s why their receptionists employ a systematic and detailed message-taking process. This makes sure that your messages always include relevant information. You may also request various information types to be patched along through your messages. 

For instance, a few law firms opt to have their messages include the caller’s name and number coupled with the legal case type and a comprehensive message the individual/client would like to leave. Other attorneys or law firms choose to have the complete intake of new clients completed for a new caller and have all of those details patched through email or text. 

Overflow Call Handling

Answering Legal’s services will assist you in ensuring that each call to your law office or firm is tackled on an overflow basis. Overflow call handling works in a way that calls from the clients will first ring on the telephones in your office. But if you are not to answer the telephone in a preset amount of rings. The call will pass on to Answering Legal’s virtual receptionists who will then engage with your clients on your behalf.

Voice Nation

Voice Nation specializes in providing reliable and top-quality lawyer answering services. Apart from answering your incoming client calls, they also schedule and reschedule appointments, take detailed messages, and forward calls as well. Additionally, Voice Nation’s lawyer answering service is bilingual in nature, which allows you to engage with a greater number of clients. This boosts your law firm’s profitability and reputation.

Why is Voice Nation Great for Small Law Firms?

For smaller sized law firms that lack the resources to invest in a comprehensive receptionist team, an answering service such as Voice Nation is an ideal solution. Their high-quality virtual receptionist services package will give you the flexibility to replace your in house receptionist (in house staff is more costly than a virtual receptionist). These services include but are not limited to:

  • Message taking and answering services
  • Bilingual support
  • Virtual appointment setting

As stated above, in most cases, this can even remove the requirement for an in-house receptionist. This goes a long way to help small law firms save money while making sure that they maintain a professional and full-service operation that can efficiently handle each client’s needs.

Law Types that can Benefit from Voice Nation’s Lawyer Answering Service

You do not have to pay an individual to manage your front desk at your law firm since Voice Nation can act in the capacity of your law office receptionist. Furthermore, their virtual receptionists are available 24/7 round the clock to answer your calls from your client and address any queries they might have. 

Voice Nation serves various kinds of law firms and solo attorneys, including professionals who are skilled in these areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Corporate Contracts
  • Entertainment Law
  • Tax Law
  • Estate Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Labor Law
  • Intellectual Property

Features and Benefits of Voice Nation as a Lawyer Answering Service

The biggest advantage of Voice Nation’s lawyer answering service is that it provides you with peace of mind knowing that skilled professionals are effectively handling all your client calls 24/7. Furthermore, their answering service can help you save quite some money. As you are paying a flat monthly fee instead of paying a salary. Providing benefits to an in-house receptionist, engaging services of Voice Nation’s legal answering service can considerably reduce your labor expenses in the long and short-term. 

After signing up, you can begin using Voice Nation’s legal firm answering service without any delay. When you register and sign up with Voice Nation’s services, you will receive comprehensive reports that might provide useful insights about your clients’ incoming call patterns. You will also have access to an app and dashboard that allows you to perform several functions, like adjusting your schedule and changing your messages.

Bottom Line

If you are an attorney or a lawyer, bear in mind that the best lawyer answering service for you or your law firm will be contingent on several different factors. These include the level of service you would like to offer, the types of clients you work with, the price you are willing to pay for the answering service, and so forth. 

Before you hire any company that offers lawyer answering services, make sure you do your research first and look into the services they are providing. This gives you the insight to select a lawyer answering service company that best caters to your particular needs.  

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